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About the program

The Cyprus Residency by Investment Program, also referred to as Cyprus Golden Visa, was launched in 2013.

It is administered by the Cyprus Ministry of Interior and aims to attract foreign investors by offering a streamlined process for obtaining permanent residency in the country. For now, it is one of the fastest programs in Europe.


Minimum Investment

€300,000 is the minimum investment for the various investment options offered by the government.


About the country

Cyprus has a special character, blending rich ancient history with the modern business world. It welcomes its visitors with a comfortable climate and traditional hospitality.

Population: 1,25 mln Currency: Euro (EUR) Language: Greek and Turkish Capital: Nicosia


Processing time

The processing time for obtaining Cyprus Residency by Investment is typically around 2-3 months.

Dual Citizenship

Visa-free travel

A Cypriot passport opens doors to 180 countries, with visa-free or visa on arrival entry.



Benefits of the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program

  • Free travel
    Freedom in Travel

    Successful applicants and their families gain the freedom to live, work, and travel within the European Union (EU) member states.

  • Investment
    Business Opportunities

    The program creates avenues for exploring business opportunities within Cyprus and the EU market, leveraging its attractive tax regime and business-friendly environment.

  • Movement
    Fast Process

    The application process for the Cyprus Golden Visa is efficient, and residency can be granted within just a few months.

  • Documents paperwork
    No Residency Requirements

    Cyprus does not impose mandatory residency obligations on its investors; however, a visit once every two years is required.

  • Free travel
    Strategic Location

    Cyprus's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa positions it as a hub for international business and travel.

  • Comfortable life
    High Quality of Life

    Cyprus boasts a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, a world-class education system, and a Mediterranean lifestyle.


Type of Investment

Type of Investment for Cyprus Golden Visa

To qualify for the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program, investors can choose from several options, and also combine various qualifying investments to meet the minimum investment threshold.

  • Movement

    Real estate investment in new residential property. It is possible to buy 2 properties.

  • Money cash flow

    Real estate investment in new or used commercial or touristic property. It is possible to buy 2 properties.

  • Investment

    Investment funds with a diverse range of assets, managed by professionals and regulated by the government.

  • Process progress

    Investment in a share of a new or existing company based in Cyprus. They must have a physical presence in Cyprus and employ at least 5 people.

Who can apply for Cyprus Residency by Investment?

Requirements for an investor:

  • Individuals 18 years or over
  • Clean criminal record
  • Medical insurance
  • Proof of a minimum annual income €50,000 from abroad
  • Declaration of non-employment (except directors of a company they have invested in).

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Eligible family members:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent children under 25 years of age
  • Proof of income of main applicant for supporting the family members, with a minimum of €15,000 for each dependent spouse and €10,000 for each minor child.


How to apply for Cyprus Golden Visa

The application process for the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Here's a general overview:

Step 1

Documents paperwork

1 week

Investment. Choose a qualifying investment option that aligns with your financial goals and preferences. Invest Citizenship will give you full support in this.

Step 2


2 weeks

Document Gathering. Compile the necessary documents, which usually include application forms, proof of investment, health insurance, and other supporting documents.

Step 3.

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2 months

Application Submission. Submit your application to the Cyprus Ministry of Interior, along with the required fees. The authorities conduct due diligence and background checks, which takes about 2 months.

Step 4.

Documents paperwork

1 week

Residency Permit. Upon successful letter of approval, you will need to come to Cyprus for submitting biometrics. The residency permit is usually granted in a week.

Step 5.


Every year

Visiting Cyprus. On an annual basis, investors must provide evidence of maintaining their investment, together with other documents, and they must visit Cyprus at least once in 2 years.

Step 6.

Comfortable life

7th year

Citizenship. The residency permit is valid for five years and can be renewed thereafter. After 7 years, you can apply for Cypriot citizenship.

Real Estate Investment Options

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Beach villa

This 3-bedroom detached villa with swimming pool, just 150m from the beach, affords views of the vibrant blue Mediterranean and is located near the picturesque area of Polis.

Price: €479,000
Location: Paphos
Size: 131 m2


Holiday apartment

Possessing a high “investment-grade” rating, this development of one-, two- and three-bedroom villas, townhouses, apartments and penthouses offers fine living in a tranquil area on the outskirts of the town of Paphos.

Price: €210,000
Location: Paphos

Paving the Path to Citizenship

Cyprus Residency by Investment

One of the remarkable features of the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program is the potential it offers for investors to ultimately attain Cypriot citizenship. While the program itself grants permanent residency and its accompanying benefits, those who wish to further solidify their ties with Cyprus have the option to pursue citizenship in due time. The journey from residency to citizenship involves a well-defined process that combines a period of residency, a commitment to the local community, and the fulfillment of specific criteria. By seamlessly transitioning from residency to citizenship, investors can fully integrate into Cypriot society, unlocking a future marked by enhanced privileges, global mobility, and the enduring pride of becoming a Cypriot citizen.

Intrigued by the prospect of Cyprus residency? If you're considering the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program or have inquiries about its benefits, our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive information and guidance. Whether through a call or online meeting, we're here to assist you in exploring the boundless possibilities that Cyprus has to offer. Schedule a meeting at your convenience here

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