We help to find the right program for you

We analyze your situation from different perspectives and offer you the best residence and citizenship by investment solutions



We connect you with right experts

The success of every process is a strong, reliable team. We have a large network of experienced, conscientious specialists with proven competence in a variety of fields.


Documents paperwork

We help clients understand the documentation process.

Each program has it is own specifics and requirements. We explain and provide clients with complete information about the paperwork.


Money cash flow

We find the most profitable projects to invest in.

We work directly with property developers in many countries and can advise the best investment opportunities for maximum profits and buy-back options.


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We refer you to a good lawyer

One of the most important considerations in obtaining residency or citizenship by investment is choosing a good lawyer. Professionalism and credibility are crucial in this field.


Comfortable life

We keep open communication

We give you detailed information at every stage of the process and are open to your feedback and specific requests relating to your individual needs.

Our Services

Here are key stages of our work

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Our Services

We analyze your case

We meet online or in our office to discuss your particular situation and identify objectives. During the meeting, we will provide an overview of residency and citizenship programs, timelines and main requirements. The focus will always be on your goals and analysis of the options open to meet these. Should we foresee possible risks or complications, you will be advised.

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Our Services

Choosing the best program for you

We arrange a meeting with property developers, fund managers or other representatives from the programs you are interested in to get a detailed view of the various residency/citizenship/investment solutions open to you and help you to choose the one best suited to you and your family. As part of this evaluation process, we calculate and compare total costs.

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Our Services


We support you in starting the application process and connect you with lawyers and other specialists. If you invest in real estate, we organize the viewing onsite and online, and in some situations, we help you to purchase the property.

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Our Services


We follow your process and stay connected with you throughout if necessary. If there are issues, we use our knowledge and experience from previous cases to help in resolving them. We keep confidentiality and guarantee privacy.