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How to get Spain Golden Visa

About the program

The Spain Golden Visa program guarantees the right to live and work in Spain by investing in the Spanish economy.


Minimum Investment

€500,000 is the minimum investment in real estate, which can be met by buying one or several properties. The investment must be held for renewals.


About the country

Spain is a member of the EU and one of the top touristic destinations; it has a strong economy and high quality of life.

Population: 47 mln. Currency: Euro (EUR) Language: Spanish Capital: Madrid

greece golden visa program

Processing time

Depending on the type of investment and documentation process, it will take 3-6 months to obtain a residency card.


Visa-free travel

A Spanish passport allows visa-free or visa on arrival access to 188 countries, including 29 Schengen countries.


Benefits of Spain Golden Visa

Spanish residency by investment opens the door to life in the European Union for the whole family. There is an excellent healthcare system, safe environment, international education, and stable economy.

  • Free travel
    Visa-free travel in EU

    Golden Visa allows its holder to visit Schengen area countries without obtaining additional visas.

  • Documents paperwork
    No requirement to stay

    You are not obliged to visit Spain every year to keep your Golden Visa.

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    Spanish Passport

    You can apply for Spanish nationality if you have had your Golden Visa for 10 years and reside in Spain for at least 183 days per year.

  • Comfortable life

    You and your family have the right to live, work and study in Spain, a country with social and political security, and economic opportunities.


Type of Investment for Spain Golden Visa

Although Spanish residency by investment offers several options for investing, most individuals choose to purchase a property with guaranteed income.

  • Money cash flow

    Acquire real estate. Buy one or several properties, of any type, but the total investment amount must be a minimum of €500,000.

  • Movement
    Create a project

    This option requires investors to start a business which will create employment, have socio-economic impact, and be of scientific or technological interest.

  • Process progress

    Buy shares in a company or deposit funds in a Spanish bank.

  • Investment

    Invest in government bonds.

Who can apply for Spain Golden Visa?

Requirements for an investor:

  • Any citizen of a non-EU or EFTA country
  • Individuals of 18 years or over
  • Clean criminal record
  • Medical insurance

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Eligible family members:

  • Spouse or unmarried partner
  • Children under 18 years 
  • Unmarried adult children supported by one or both spouses, as well as students 
  • Parents over 65 years and supported by one or both spouses

Timeline for obtaining permanent residency in Spain

Step 1


1-2 weeks

Decide on the right type of investment and find a lawyer who will do the paperwork, then conclude the investment. You can visit Spain to choose a property, but you will first need to apply for a tourist visa.

Step 2

Documents paperwork

1 month

Submit the application for residency to the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Once approved, this initial residence visa gives you the right to live in Spain and is valid for a 1-year period.

Step 3

Free travel

1 month

Submit application for a residency permit. You need to visit Spain for submitting biometric information. First Visa is valid for 2 years. There is no minimum stay requirement to keep Golden Visa.

Step 4


After 2 years

After 2 years, you will need to submit another renewal application, and the next visa will be issued with a validity of 5 years. Keep in mind that you must maintain your investment to renew your visa. You can, however, change the type of investment, provided the total minimum investment amount continues to be met.

Step 5

Comfortable life

After 5 years

After 5 years, you can apply for a permanent long-term residence permit; however, to be eligible for this long-term permit, you must live in Spain.

Step 6

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After 10 years

After 10 years of Golden Visa, you can apply for Spanish citizenship and a Spanish passport. To acquire citizenship, you must also pass a language test, a Spanish citizenship test, and you must have lived in Spain for the 10 years prior to the application (for these 10 years, you must have resided in the country for at least 183 days per year).

Real Estate Investment Options

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